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About Us

Transmares Logistics

W e are the trusted partner of all our clients in national and international logistics. We are authorized as International Freight Agents to coordinate your entire cargo from anywhere in the world through our offices in Colombia, Costa Rica, United States and international red reliable agents.

Transmares Group

In the Transmares Group our priority is to give an answer in an effective way to all the needs of our clients in the maritime and logistics field, under the national and international standards of quality and existing legal framework.

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Our Company


Transmares Logístics Integral, develops reliable logistics solutions tailored to our customers as an integral part of their processes.


Transmares Logística Integral, it will be recognized as an innovator in logistics, reliable and successful solutions.

Quality Policy

In Transmares Logistics Integral S.A. we seek to respond effectively to the needs of our customers in the logistics field, complying with national and international standards of quality within an existing legal framework.

To achieve our Policy we have qualified and motivated personnel, aimed to the constant improvement of our processes, and trough a close relationship with our suppliers, we make certain that the goods and services required by our organization fulfill the specifications that allow us to offer a quality service, guaranteeing the leadership, the competitiveness, market position and the profitability for the shareholders.

Security Policy

In Transmares Logistics Integral S.A. by means of implementation of Quality and Security Control Management Systems commits to offer a service free of illegal interventions of any kind, guaranteeing with this the integrity of the personnel, facilities and equipment reducing the risks to the minimum possible.

To obtain the fulfillment of our policy we lean on the achievement of our security goals:

  • Provide reliable and competent staff.
  • Having a reliable customer base and suppliers.
  • Develop risk management.
  • Periodically conduct awareness campaigns and training on the system control and security.

Program of Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Integrated Logistics Transmares performs best practices to avoid and prevent money laundering operations or financing of terrorism (LA/FT), namely:

  • We have standardized procedures to allow us to have a deeper knowledge of our customers, suppliers and parties related to our business
  • Permanently we consult and we follow the guidelines established by the institutions of control and supervision.
  • We interact with the supervisory authorities on issues related to LA/FT
  • We participate in the activities carried out by supervisory authorities in relation to these issues.